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Congratulations to Maria Taylor, Landmark PreSchool’s Head Twos Teacher and Megan Maloney, RA Head Kindergarten Teacher! This summer promises to provide both Maria and Megan with opportunities to expand their knowledge and bring home some valuable lessons to share with their students and the RA community.

Maria is going to Buenos Aires for a volunteer internship position with an organization called Connect 123 from the beginning of July into August. Connect 123 provides programs that give professionals a chance to experience different cultures and environments around the world based on the individuals interest. Program placement will be one of these three options: volunteering at an orphanage, teaching at a school or home building and repair. Maria’s interest lies in further developing her Spanish language skills. She grew up in a bilingual household of Spanish and English, received her BA in Spanish form SCSU and lived in Spain for six months in her early twenties. Maria feels this project will not only fulfill that goal but also give her the opportunity to immerse herself in another culture and broaden her understanding of our global community.

Megan will be delving into her Italian heritage through a week-long culinary experience through Northern Italy. She has always loved cooking and baking and it was her grandmother, an incredible Italian cook, who inspired her interest. Her experience will be comprised of excursions through a number of towns interspersed with regional cooking lessons. Megan hopes to gain a great understanding of the culture and cuisine from each Italian region she visits. With the knowledge she gains, Megan looks forward to applying it to her teachings at RA such as making greater use of the resources in the Kitchen Lab and incorporating some of the cultural learnings into her social studies lessons.

Congratulations to both Maria and Megan! We look forward to your sharing your experiences with the RA community upon your return!


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