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Strong academic program taught by talented teachers.
We offer from Kindergarten through 8th grade a wide breadth of rich curriculum to unleash our students’ potential.

An inclusive, kind community.
We promote and expect a culture of respect which is fostered throughout the school.  It is easy to see and feel when walking through our hallways and classrooms the energy and connection that students have with one another and their teachers. Parents are involved with the school and connect regularly.

Communication is our thing. We practice and model the art of communicating well. This is an important aspect of our education. Our students at all ages learn to share their ideas thoughtfully and effectively.

Personal focus. We understand that students have different learning styles, talents and passions. Our great teachers learn about our students’ strengths and challenges first, then teach. We have a developmental reading program that meets their individual skill level and allows them to move at a comfortable pace in our preschool and lower school. Our teacher-student ratio allows for individual focus and achievement: 1 to 6 ratio for preschool, 1 to 9 ratio for grades K- 3; 1 to 15 ratio for grades 4-8.

Arts are celebrated. We provide a formal visual arts program from 3’s through grade 8.  Come see ArtBeats in April and be overwhelmed by our talented students. Our performing arts program is integrated at all levels with many opportunities to express ones’ creativity.

Athletics count. Grades 6-8 compete in the Fairchester League of schools, while our younger students participate in a developmental physical education program three times a week.

42 acres of learning. Our world and our property is our classroom. Often you will see our students utilizing the outdoors to learn about environmental science. Visit our organic garden created and cultivated by our students. With a beautiful turf field, 3 new playgrounds and hills for sledding, life is good here at RA!

Technology as a tool. With the use of our new Smartboard technology, Mac labs, PC computers and integrated technology plan, our teachers beginning in preschool are incorporating technology in the classroom in a variety of ways.

A mission of giving. It is a part of our culture to give. Whether our 8th grade students are opening car doors for the underclassmen or students are visiting Bridgeport for a day of cleaning or the whole school is creating peace cranes for a children’s memorial in Hiroshima Park in Japan, we know the value of giving on a daily basis. 

Early opportunities, long-term rewards.
Ridgefield Academy provides our students with a foundation of life-long academic, social and emotional skills that places them with the top boarding and independent day opportunities for high school. We host one of the most informative Secondary Placement Fairs in Fairfield County every October and will take students to visit a variety of boarding and day schools. We prepare our students and parents for the admission process and to select the right ”fit” for that next step.


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