Board of Trustees

Ridgefield Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is a policy making body charged with establishing the Academy's mission, ensuring that the Academy is successfully fulfilling its mission, and planning for the future well-being of the Academy. In addition to establishing school policies and long-range plans, the Board is responsible for providing sound financial management and fiscal stability to the Academy. This includes responsibility for the Academy's operating budgets, capital assets, fundraising initiatives, and endowment. The Board hires, supports, and evaluates the Head of School but does not become directly involved in the daily operations of the School. The primary work and focus of the Board is strategic and long-range in nature, directed towards providing for the future of the Academy.

2018-2019 Board of Trustee Members

Rachel Sondheimer, Chair
Kate Ritter, Vice Chair
David Heaton, Treasurer
Lynne Geaney, Secretary
Mark Abrahamsen
Jennifer Amadeo
Mark Baker
Al Bartosic

Alex Bellina
Tim Birch (Honorary Trustee)
Alison Davis
Kaye Hale
Eric Heaton
Stephanie Luedke
Erin Macri, ex-officio (RAPA)
Tom Main, ex-officio (Head of School)

Laura Masotti
Erin Schiller
Lewis Schwartz
Joel Simon
William Tong
Brian Torchen
Howard Turner
Wendy Wo-Beurket

*This list is subject to change and may not be inclusive of all RA trustees.