Dreamers Become Thinkers

From early childhood to adolescence, students are seen and known as individuals within our kind and nurturing community. Along their journey of inspired learning and self-discovery, they have many partners, faculty, staff, parents and classmates, who guide, challenge, and share in the joy of learning. Our interconnected curriculum is brought to life by our engaging teachers and fosters our students’ natural curiosity and openness to the world. It is here, at this brilliant intersection that discoveries are made, that a strong academic foundation is built, that children become confident and their authentic selves unfold.

This is the educational essence along the continuum of learning from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy. It is what makes us different.
There are three undeniable truths about our educational programs:

They are designed with Intentional Interconnectedness.
We value Joyful Learning.
We graduate students who are Authentically Self-Assured individuals.


Intentional Interconnectedness

Between disciplines, students and faculty, RA and community
This educational interconnectedness serves as the foundation of our caring community and collaborative and interdisciplinary program. It provides for both a strong and supportive community and an educational program that is defined by a thoughtful and challenging progression from preschool-grade 8.
“All three (of my) kids were different, but the school was able to identify what worked with each of them. They worked at each of their paces.” - Parent

“For us, it was all about the whole child.” - Parent

"The strengths of RA's program can be found on many different levels. I think it is the school's overall approach to curriculum development. Interweaving meaningful literature with verbal and artistic expression; expanding a history unit to include culture, art and science along with the core topic; relating Latin roots to English and foreign language vocabulary are all examples of how RA educates rather than teaches. From the first moment you meet the teaching staff, you realize they are there because they love to educate students." ~ Parent

"Strong students, leaders, curious, risk-takers" ~ Hotchkiss School

"RA students are very well prepared academically. They are well rounded, talented and work well with adults." ~ Brooks School

"Students from Ridgefield Academy are academically prepared and have great character." ~ Choate Rosemary Hall

Joyful Learning

At every developmental level along the continuum from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy, childhood is celebrated, and every child's natural inclination toward curiosity and the spirit of joyful discovery is nurtured. A comprehensive foundation of learning is built from one year to the next as students travel through Landmark to RA. At the center of this is a challenging, lifeworthy academic program that not only develops the essential critical thinking, math, reading and writing skills but that encourages risk-taking and nurtures the collaborative, creative, and leadership skills that are in demand.
“In the eight years that we have been in the RA community, I can count on one hand the number of not-best days my daughter has had; the day she broke her favorite crayon and the day a buckle on her shoe broke.” - Parent
“We are so lucky to be able to leave our kids here for the day, where the pervasive attitude is ‘anything is possible’.” - Parent
“There’s no amount of money that can take the place of the gratitude you feel seeing your child have the private school experience.” - Parent

"Strong students, leaders, curious, risk-takers" ~ Hotchkiss School

Authentically Self-Assured Individuals

Our students are encouraged to form their own, authentic identities as they become confident leaders, creative problem-solvers, and public speakers. They are prepared to succeed in secondary school and beyond. Our alumni are already having an impact in their chosen fields. Along this journey, students grow in self-advocacy, self-confidence, and academic achievement.
“RA challenged (my daughter) in ways because of small class size; it gave her a voice and it gave her confidence. That’s the biggest benefit for that school.” - Parent
“RA teachers have created a balance of challenge and nurture, producing a perfect environment for a child to learn, grow and take risks… My children are products of this. They are respectfully well mannered, they are not afraid to make mistakes and they have learned how to succeed even after they fall.” - Parent
"I just started the Robotics Club, am taking all the honors classes, as well as taking an independent study course on computer programming. Last year I made the Honor Roll both semesters. I am very thankful for the opportunities that Ridgefield Academy has given me." ~ Student
"Ridgefield Academy prepared me very well for high school at Greens Farms Academy - both in the classroom and on the field. I was able to take the advanced math class Algebra 2 as a freshman as well as Biology Honors. Señora Brooks prepared me very well for conversational Spanish that allowed me to fit right in with my Honors Spanish class." ~ Student

"RA Students are poised and prepared." ~ Phillips Exeter

"Strong students, leaders, curious, risk-takers" ~ Hotchkiss School

"RA students are very well prepared academically. They are well rounded, talented and work well with adults." ~ Brooks School

"They are strong, independent, and well prepared." ~ The Ethel Walker School

Our dreamers ultimately become accomplished thinkers, leaders, change makers, scientists, artists, and so much more.