Head's Welcome

Education is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your child's future, and there are many good schools to consider. As you conduct your search, your biggest challenge is finding the right school for your child. Where do you begin? What questions should you ask as you evaluate the different options? What really matters most?

Covering the basics is a good place to begin. In response to a growing demand for meaningful ways to measure educational effectiveness, leading education groups have issued five questions that parents should ask to assess the quality of their child's education:

  1. Are there high quality and committed teachers?
  2. Is there a low student-to-teacher ratio?
  3. Do students feel challenged by their school?
  4. Are there strong partnerships among parents, teachers and students?
  5. Does the school climate support achievement?

We invite you to think about these questions as you take a closer look at Ridgefield Academy. Learn about our mission, programs, and school culture though the information and testimonials captured on this web site. Better yet, visit our campus, attend morning assembly, observe classes, talk to teachers, parents and students, hear about our goals, and feel the enthusiasm and warmth that fill the halls.

From the earliest days of preschool to the final days of eighth grade, our school community is defined by close, caring relationships, solid values, and a strong partnership between home and school. Beyond academic achievement, these are the qualities that make a Ridgefield Academy education so valuable.

At Ridgefield Academy, our central goal is to help students gain the knowledge, skills, strength of character, and confidence to go forward and lead lives filled with promise. We believe this is the essence of a good education, and it is what matters the most.

James P. Heus
Head of School