As you may remember from my summer letter, Ridgefield Academy and the Board of Trustees invested in a professional marketing firm, Overabove, to assist us in articulating what is truly distinctive about our school. Our Marketing and Communications department teamed with Overabove last year to conduct research to illuminate our true essence and core values. We are pleased with the results as they pinpoint the brand DNA of our school.

Getting to the DNA of Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool brings clarity to what makes our school different and has led to our brand positioning: the identity that our brand will take in the market and in the minds of prospective families. Brand differentiation is essential to attracting families to our campus.

There are three undeniable truths about our educational programs:

They are designed with Intentional Connectedness. This intentional educational connectedness serves as the foundation of our caring community and collaborative and interdisciplinary program. It provides for both a strong and supportive community and an educational program that is defined by a thoughtful and challenging progression from preschool-grade 8.

We value Joyful Learning. At every developmental level along the continuum from Landmark Preschool to Ridgefield Academy, childhood is celebrated, and every child's natural inclination toward curiosity and the spirit of joyful discovery is nurtured.

We graduate students who are Authentically Self-Assured Individuals. Our students are encouraged to form their own, authentic identities as they become confident leaders, creative problem-solvers, and public speakers. They are prepared to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

How do our educational programs foster intentional interconnectedness, joyful learning, and authentically self-assured students? As a school, we Nurture the Wonder of Becoming in our students. This is our new positioning statement, and it speaks directly to our brand DNA and how we walk alongside our students throughout their educational journey. From preschool to grade 8, our students are nurtured as individuals by many partners - parents, faculty, staff, and their peers. Our dynamic and interconnected curriculum is designed to inspire a sense of wonder in our students. They are encouraged to approach the world with openness, curiosity, and joy. A comprehensive foundation of learning is built from one year to the next as students travel through Landmark and RA. At the center of this is a challenging and thoughtful academic program that develops skills and literacy in math, critical thinking, problem-solving, and so much more. Along this journey, students grow in self-advocacy, self-confidence, and academic achievement.

Out of this positioning, an ad campaign has been created using the concept of “Dreamers Become Thinkers.” We look forward to highlighting the ways in which our programs help inspire children to dream, discover, and ultimately become accomplished thinkers, leaders, scientists, artists, and so much more. Our ad campaign is built on our positioning of Nurture the Wonder of Becoming, and will be launching in the coming weeks and you'll be seeing it on our website, social media, newsletters, and various advertising outlets. I very much wanted the entire Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool community to be aware of this campaign before it is rolled out. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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