RA Welcomes New Head of School

Ridgefield Academy is pleased to welcome new head of school Tom Main and his family to its 42-acre campus this summer. Main has an accomplished history as an educator, administrator, and leader. He began his career at King School, a PK – Grade 12 independent school located in Stamford, Conn. in 1983 as a middle school teacher and Athletic Director, followed by 6 years teaching at Rye Country Day School, where he also served as Dean and Interim Division Head. After serving as Upper School Head at Cincinnati Country Day School from 1996-2002, he returned to King as Head of School. The King School was transformed under Main’s 16 years of leadership, and Ridgefield Academy is excited about the level of experience and skills that Tom brings to the school. As a former 8-year member of the Ridgefield Academy board of trustees, Tom joins the school already with insight into its programs and people.

Main is particularly excited about joining an educational community that celebrates the foundational years in education with a focus on academic excellence. “I see the tremendous opportunities for academic development, creativity, genuine leadership, intellectual maturation, and the growth of positive social confidence that can be so strong and present in a PK-8 model,” he states. “I have seen several RA graduates join King School each year. I have observed what confident, interesting, well-educated, and capable young men and women they are. What is most striking about RA graduates is that they truly know themselves well, and they have the courage to be genuine. I know the school to possess a depth, a character, and a culture that has the right priorities. I am convinced their experience in a strong PK-8 school, here at RA, provides much of this foundation.”

Main began partnering with the school’s administration last year, and this summer has spent time getting to know families and meeting with each faculty and staff member at the school’s three Landmark Preschool campuses and Ridgefield Academy campus. “I believe that effective school leadership is grounded in strong, honest relationships with community members, and a deep knowledge of the culture, programs, strengths, and challenges of the School. I look forward to working with the school community in this new role and contributing to the continued growth and development of a school that so many others have poured their heart and souls into for years.”

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