Mission, Philosophy, & History


The Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool community celebrates childhood, pursues excellence, and cultivates kindness. Our educational program is intellectually inspiring, and we foster joyful learning and mutual respect in all that we do. We empower each student to rise to their authentic self, preparing confident graduates who shape their future with ingenuity and integrity.


At Ridgefield Academy we recognize the value every individual brings to the intellectual excellence and the good of our school. Our mission is to educate students to be respectful and responsible, and to recognize the role they play in an increasingly diverse, global community. This diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in race, gender, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, learning style, and family composition.

Philosophy & Culture

Ridgefield Academy is committed to academic excellence and the individual growth of each of our students. We offer a broad-based, challenging curriculum enhanced by a wide variety of extracurricular activities in athletics, the arts and community service. While our curriculum is grounded in fundamentals, various teaching methods are used throughout the school to engage students in the learning process and stimulate critical thinking. Learning at all levels encompasses rigor and innovation, structure and creativity, individual effort and teamwork. Most importantly, our talented teachers touch the hearts and minds of their students, inspiring determined effort, sound judgment and a joy of discovery that endures.

Above all else, Ridgefield Academy is a warm and supportive community defined by close, caring relationships and a strong partnership between school and home. We believe each child’s success is a shared responsibility and encourage the active involvement of parents. Working together, we share aspirations, values, enthusiasm and pride. With the right balance of challenge, individual attention, and support, Ridgefield Academy students gain the knowledge and confidence to go forward and lead lives filled with promise.


Originally founded in Georgetown, CT in 1975, Ridgefield Academy has been known for academic excellence and a strong commitment to character education. We are a child-centric school, blending an academic curriculum that covers the core branches of knowledge with a broad and stimulating variety of enrichment activities, all in a close-knit, supportive learning environment.

In 1999, we moved to our current location in Ridgefield, CT. This scenic campus offers an attractive setting for learning and beautiful outdoor spaces for playgrounds and athletic fields. Like all strong schools, we continue to evolve. We regularly review our curriculum and programs, as well as the latest research on how children learn, to ensure that we help each student maximize his or her innate ability. Having completed the acquisition of the 42-acre campus in June 2005, we will continue to expand and enhance our facilities and programs.