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Faculty and staff from across four campuses were recognized for their dedicated service to Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool. Please join us in congratulating the following people: 

Five Years of Service

Head Threes Teacher (Ridgefield) Callie Kadeg

Development Events  & RAPA Liaison Kim Carbone

Spanish Teacher Grades 3-8 Loren Chavez

Kitchen Manager & Preschool Lunch Supervisor (Ridgefield) Ai Desiano

Assistant Threes Teacher (Ridgefield) Deborah Fink

Head Threes Teacher (Bedford) Sandy Friedman

Head Twos Teacher (Bedford) Ashley Greene

Head of Middle and Upper School Clinton Howarth

Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning Basil Kolani

Middle & Upper School Art Teacher Lisa Liebowitz

Chief Financial Officer Briggs Tobin

Assistant Twos Teacher (Ridgefield) Titing Wooton


Ten Years of Service

Preschool & Lower School Technology Teacher (Ridgefield) Alex Curry

Middle & Upper School Spanish Teacher & Service Learning Coordinator Jessica Brooks

Head Threes Teacher (Westport) Glynise Gaskin

Athletic Director & Physical Education Teacher Beth MacInnes

Middle & Upper School Science Teacher Joy Munro


Fifteen Years of Service

Learning Specialist Grades 3-8 Theresa Ghelman

Grade 4 English & Language Arts Teacher Stacy Hynes

Kindergarten Head Teacher Megan Maloney


Twenty Years of Service

Grade 3 Head Teacher Pam Clasby

Grade 2 Assistant Teacher Kristine Viglietta

Facilities Supervisor Michael Sagnelli 

Before & After School Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant Donna Kauth

Assistant Fours Teacher (Ridgefield) Regina Yacko

It is customary for faculty and staff to be given a special gift in recognition of their milestone. For five years of service, employees will receive a school pin and for 10 years of service, a framed clock. A crystal apple will be gifted for 15 years of service and for 20 years, employees will receive a crystal bowl. Thank you for your commitment to Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool!