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Thanks to The Center Learning Specialist Sara Martell, new whisper phones being used in Grade 2 allow our students to read out loud and (almost) silently at the same time! They whisper read into the phone and only they can hear it loud and clear!

A whisper phone is a small, lightweight auditory feedback device. It allows a child to speak softly into it while listening to the clarity and rhythm of their words. This instant feedback encourages the child to make any necessary adjustments to their fluency or pronunciation as they speak. Teachers use these devices to help students practice reading aloud in the classroom without disruption. By whispering instead of reading with a normal speaking voice, children get the benefit of reading aloud without some of the drawbacks. Teachers can hear how well the student is reading and correct mistakes without the child distracting others. Whispering may also be less uncomfortable for those who feel anxious about reading out loud. Using whisper phones can also help with improving reading rates, phrasing, and expression, reducing stuttering behaviors, building more confidence as the child learns to master new skills and increasing fluency and comprehension.

Whisper phones are proving to be a great tool for our students while providing many benefits.