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At RA, we begin each week with an all school assembly. It is tradition for every Grade 8 student to take a turn running the assembly and speak about something that is meaningful to them. Each week, their speeches will be posted for our community to read. These outstanding young people are the leaders of our school and have experiences and stories that are important to share. Last Monday, Tommy H. spoke about the importance of teamwork not only on the basketball court but in everything we do everyday. Enjoy Tommy's story.

For the past ten years I’ve been playing basketball with my friends and family. I love basketball. Ever since I started playing I’ve been in love with the sport. One thing I love the most about basketball is playing with a team. For the past 4 years I’ve been playing with the same team and we have grown as close as a family. For 12 seasons I’ve played for a team called the Greenwich Stars. For many years, I have played with the same kids. I’ve made some amazing friends playing with them. We have come so close by playing together every week and winning; but more importantly, we have grown close through losing together. We’ve been trying to win a National Championship for the past 4 years and while we eventually won last year, the first 3 years we lost. Losing felt awful and hurt every time, but we learned from each loss and it helped us to come back stronger the next year. I have come to realize that losing and facing adversity brings people closer together than winning. Teamwork is an incredibly important part of basketball but teamwork is also crucial in life in general. Not only do you have to work as a team on the basketball court, but it often takes teamwork here at school, particularly in the classroom when you are working on a group project or just during a classroom discussion, teamwork is important. I have been at this school for 9 years and every year I have had to work as a team with all my classmates. The result of working together has brought us closer together as a grade. For example, you have to understand each other. Someone’s weakness could be your strong point so you have to help each other out. Working as a team and not thinking only about yourself is how you create lasting friendships and push through tough tasks. Throughout my time at RA, this amazing community has helped to support me and teach me the values of teamwork. I’ve used those values on the soccer field, on the basketball court, and in the classroom. Harry S. Truman ounce said “it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Teamwork means not worrying about who gets the credit, but knowing you are stronger and more successful together.

Written by Tommy H.