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Come follow the Yellow Brick Road as 26 Ridgefield Academy students will perform in the production of the Upper School musical of The Wizard of Oz this Thursday evening under the direction of RA’s own Debbi Curry.

The story follows the adventures of Dorothy(played by Luisa S. and Aubrey H.) who is swept up by a tornado and lands with her dog Toto(Sarah B.) in the magical land of Oz. There, she encounters a colorful world of tiny people called Munchkins, meets Glinda the Good Witch(Annika S.) and becomes fast friends with three characters the Scarecrow(Annie S. and Charlotte D.), Tin Man(Lilly H. and Campbell G.) and Cowardly Lion (Walker L. and Jodie F.) who become her traveling companions.

They set out along the Yellow Brick Road for the Emerald City, hoping that the wizard known as the Great and Powerful Oz(Owen A.) can help Dorothy and Toto get back home to Kansas. However, their time in Oz isn’t without an element of danger as the Wicked Witch of the West(Francesca B. and Ava B.) and her evil flying monkeys are always right behind causing havoc with their plans. Rounding out this amazing cast of characters is Allie C., Natalie R., Laurie E., Nathan M. Sam Y., J.J. S., Matthew B., Madden A., Lily A., Chloe C., Beibhinn G., Violet L. and Aniseh S.
Debbi praised this incredible group of young actors and said,” I always feel so fortunate to have so many talented children that want to participate. I believe that double casting gives more opportunities to my cast members. A true dedicated ensemble, these children give up their free time to rehearse on Saturdays to help bring our show together. They dance, sing, help with set changes and always encourage each other to do their best. As a veteran NYC performer myself, I am so excited to watch this group of children continue to grow and become the confident superstars that they are!”

The questions remain… Can Dorothy, Toto and their companions escape the Wicked Witch? Will they make it to the Emerald City? Can Scarecrow find a brain? Does the Tin Man get a heart? Does the Cowardly Lion find courage? You know the answers, but it's all about the journey.

Please join us this Thursday, March 14 at 7pm in Turner Hall and get lost in the merry ‘ole Land of Oz!