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The week before winter break is like a finale, isn’t it? Everyone is counting the days, checking off tasks and watching the clock. These actions are not unlike the lead up to a performance; which brings me to this week’s topic for Your Annual Fund Dollars at Work.

This month, RA students completed no fewer than four – three concerts and one dramatic production. Let’s look at the myriad resources required for these events. Performing arts cannot occur at RA without talented teachers who understand how to build a student’s confidence while they are taking risks and stretching beyond what is comfortable. Students need warm, functional and safe spaces in which to perform. Risers, microphones, sound systems, musical instruments, theatrical props, lighting, and seating for their audience surround students to create the necessary environment. One may ask, with such an extensive list of needs, just how important are the performing arts? Music education and theatre are crucial to preparing students for high school and beyond.

When you support the Annual Fund at Ridgefield Academy, you help provide funding to the performing arts so that, in addition to putting on a great show, your children*:

• Master memorization

• Increase hand-eye coordination

• Experience a sense of achievement

• Learn pattern recognition

• Can score higher on their SATs

• Think creatively

• Develop spatial intelligence

• Practice patience and cooperation

• Take risks and improve self-confidence

• Build Teamwork and camaraderie

Shares Debbi Curry, Upper School Chorus & Drama Teacher, “every part is important. The leads can't do a show without the supporting roles and visa versa.” What a great parallel lesson for Annual Fund! The school cannot run on tuition, without the supporting role of the Annual Fund, and vice versa!

If you haven’t already, please take a supporting role at RA and make a gift to the Annual Fund.

* Sources: and Middle and Upper School Chorus & Drama Teacher, Debbi Curry

Your Annual Fund Dollars at Work is a monthly feature in RA Weekly, designed to show you specific examples of how RA benefits by receiving contributions from the community. The Annual Fund ensures that RA can provide more opportunities and resources for our students than tuition alone could offer.