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Let’s explore this scenario. You decided that RA is the place for your child thrive. You start the school year accepting that you have a new household expense and you’re fully willing to pay it. You attend the State of the School where you hear about something called The Annual Fund. “Wait. What? What did Mr. Main just say? I’m going to be asked to donate to the place to which I am already paying tuition?” In short, Yes. Questions swirl in your head:

Why not increase tuition?

Answer: The benefit of a tax deduction for an Annual Fund gift is possible for many of our families and increasing tuition could make RA unaffordable for valuable members of our community. The Annual Fund also allows the larger community, including trustees, faculty and staff, grandparents, past parents, alumni and friends of RA, to demonstrate their support and share in the expense of an RA education.

Why should I give if I am already paying tuition?

Answer: Give because you are confident that RA is exposing your child to new ways to learn, grow and take on challenges. Give to ensure that your child and his or her classmates have everything they need to become their best selves. Give because the Annual Fund increases opportunities and resources beyond what tuition alone could offer.

Is there a specific amount I am supposed to give?

Answer: Last year, parent gifts to the Annual Fund ranged from $50 to more than $60,000. If would be great if RA became one of your philanthropic priorities.

Making a gift on top of paying tuition may not be a natural connection if you are new to independent schools, yet for many families, their Patriot Pride deepens when making a gift that is personally meaningful and significant to them.

Preschool parents David and Jessica McInnis share their thoughts on supporting RA as a new family:

“Ridgefield Academy is a welcoming community with a clear history of giving. We are excited to join a large group of families that donate and elevate the experience for all students. It is an honor to have been so warmly accepted into such an amazing school and wish to pay it forward by continuing a tradition of philanthropy. We are hopeful our contributions are impactful for students and the surrounding community. Moving forward, it is a goal to increase our gifts over time and contribute to funds that provide additional resources for all students (beyond those already provided by annual tuition payments), position the school to implement even more learning programs and develop additional facilities.”

There are so many ways to show school pride. Giving to Ridgefield Academy’s Annual Fund is definitely one of them. I hope the McInnis’ philanthropy has inspired you to make a gift; your donation makes the life of every young Patriot infinitely better.