Grade 1 student conducts research on Canada.

Grade 1 students researched a country of their choosing and presented their research during an online fair. 

Guided by their teachers, Mrs. Cartelli, Mrs. Getchell, and Mrs. Taben, students learned important research skills as they discovered facts about the culture, geography, and economy of the country they studied. They even learned what the children of those countries wear, popular games they play, and what their schools are like. The students synthesized their research by creating a poster board display or a Google slideshow. 

Grade 1 student presents her research on Japan

The Country Fair is a great culminating social studies project that occurs each May, as the elements students researched were taught in social studies during the school year. The strong technology infrastructure of the school has allowed for the continued supportive interaction between teachers and their students during a major project such as this, and for the community to come together to enjoy their work. Not only was the quality of the work impressive, but the way Lower School students have mastered presentation skills using online tools was, too! 

Grade 1 student conducts research on Argentina.