At RA, we talk a lot about empowering students, and this note got me thinking about exactly what we do to empower students and what meaningful actions they could take. It was the push I needed to publicly unveil the new Center podcast, We RA Learning Community.

Like many rooms in the Annex building, I have a sign hanging outside my door that says "We RA Learning Community." If you've walked through the building recently, you may have noticed other themes hung outside classrooms, and our eighth graders are all giving speeches that focus on those themes. To celebrate the learning that is going on in our classrooms, we have started recording a podcast that features RA students sharing what they are learning and their experiences before, during, and after their learning. In our first two episodes, a group of seventh graders shared their experiences with our yearly 13 Colonies Fair and a group of eighth graders shared how they were learning logic in geometry class. We're already hard at work on our next several episodes, which will take you into a project spearheaded by a group of third graders, a discussion with our new robotics team, and a chat with our foreign language teachers as they returned from a national conference of other language teachers.

Give a listen to our already-published episodes and feel free to follow links to subscribe to the series to automatically download the latest episodes as they are published. Hopefully, you'll find the thread that I have – that what we ask our students to do in classes prepares them to take on much bigger challenges.

Basil originally shared his thoughts on creating inspired students in our Center Newsletter. If you'd like to read the newsletter in it's entirety, you can do so here.