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Community is integral to what makes Ridgefield Academy unique. It has been proven that community involvement is beneficial in all areas of life, especially in early childhood. Whether at home or at school, children grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically through their relationships with others and through their community. For young children, community involvement produces long-term benefits in their lives, gives them a sense of belonging, and is important to the building of their identity. Being part of a community sends a strong message to a child. It tells them they are important, loved, and belong. Most importantly, it has the strength to empower children in their everyday lives.

Our students learn from a very young age that they are part of the RA community and it should be celebrated and treasured. One annual event that reinforces community is the highly anticipated Campout which brings together our youngest students in Grades 1-3 and their families. Last Friday evening, September 14, 205 members of our community ventured to the RA campus with tents, gear and smiles, looking forward to a wonderful overnight of games, a fabulous barbeque, campfire, marshmallow roasting, not so scary stories, and off the charts fun. And fun is exactly what they had. It was an amazing evening that celebrated community on our beautiful campus, our home away from home.