Ridgefield Academy Student with Parent

"Ridgefield Academy prepared me very well for high school at Greens Farms Academy - both in the classroom and on the field. I was able to take the advanced math class Algebra 2 as a freshman as well as Biology Honors. Señora Brooks prepared me very well for conversational Spanish that allowed me to fit right in with my Honors Spanish class."

"The requirement to play a sport at RA every season was a key part of my advancing into high school sports. At Greens Farms Academy, I am playing sports all three seasons."

"I just started the Robotics Club at GFA, am taking all the honors classes, as well as taking an independent study course on computer programming. Last year I made the Honor Roll both semesters. I am very thankful for the opportunities that Ridgefield Academy has given me."

By going to Ridgefield Academy, I have learned so much about myself, and who I want to be. I am so grateful that I was able to discover my talents at such an early age. If I had not switched schools, I don't think I would have ever discovered my passion for theater.


"Thank you for allowing me to participate for the day at Ridgefield Academy. I felt very welcome at your school, which is a big change from the way I feel at my current school. I really enjoyed my day at Ridgefield. I especially enjoyed Music. I never expected a band to play such cool music at school, I hummed the music all the way home. I thought Science Class was amazing and I wish that I could be there next week when the 6th grade gets to dissect a shark. The Math class moved at a fast pace, and I was surprised about how much I haven't learned yet considering I am in Advanced Math at school. I felt the same way in Social Studies, so I was really quiet, but learning about Loyola was very interesting.

In my school, I’m usually taught things I’ve already learned, and things move at such a slow pace, so I honestly felt a little shocked at how much I didn’t know. I was really intrigued by everything that was happening at Ridgefield Academy, and I hope that you will consider me as a student."


"It is clear to me that your mission and promise are exactly what we are looking for in regards to Eliza. She is made to feel like a growing person in her own right. Her strengths are highlighted and not hidden or suppressed. Her weaknesses are tackled effortlessly. She looks people in the eye today, and dares to strike up a conversation independently. You are right, "This is what an empowering education looks and feels like." Bryce knew this secret since age 3 and intends to be honored as a "lifer" at age 14."

"The strengths of RA's program can be found on many different levels. I think it is the school's overall approach to curriculum development. Interweaving meaningful literature with verbal and artistic expression; expanding a history unit to include culture, art and science along with the core topic; relating Latin roots to English and foreign language vocabulary are all examples of how RA educates rather than teaches. From the first moment you meet the teaching staff, you realize they are there because they love to educate students."

"RA did a wonderful job in preparing our Rachel for the rigors of one of America's elite secondary schools, Choate Rosemary Hall. Rachel arrived at Choate totally prepared, and has made Dean's List each and every semester. She's an engaged contributing member of Choate's community. As a fifth former she now has her eyes set on applying to some of our most competitive universities. Thank you again for all the good work that Ridgefield Academy did in preparing Rachel, academically and civically, for a challenging and exciting future."

"RA does a tremendous job of instilling a sense of confidence in the children through frequent public speaking opportunities. And importantly, it also fosters a strong sense of character that creates a wonderful school community for the kids to safely learn, grow, and have fun!"

"Having researched the gamut of Fairchester schools, we knew instinctively that RA was the place for our children. And we could not have been more right. The Ridgefield community has given Ned and Henry the knowledge and confidence to, “unleash” their intellectual curiosity and revel in their individuality. Both children were well prepared to enter Hopkins School."

"Deciding which school our son would attend was difficult. We wanted him to experience a strong education, a supportive environment, and a diverse mix of student and teacher influences. We’re fortunate to have settled on Ridgefield Academy. A caring and inclusive - but also challenging tone - is set from the top, and it permeates the entire school. The enthusiasm of the administration, the teachers, and the students is contagious. It’s made our son love to wake up for school, and miss it at the end of the day."