Kindergarten at Ridgefield Academy

Ridgefield Academy offers a kindergarten program that is tailored to your child’s interests, skills, and needs, which means that that lessons are designed to spark their curiosity, nurture their individual strengths and attend to their challenges.

In addition to academic milestones, RA believes that the kindergarten year is critical for foundational development of independence, confidence and self-assuredness.

RA’s kindergarteners come to expect challenges and setbacks along the journey of their own successful learning. It is the development of this mindset- a growth mindset - that positions RA kindergarteners to create and hold a lifetime love of learning.

When families select a school, they often summarize their decision by saying “It just felt right.” The “feel” of a school is actually the collective experience of its program, culture, and traditions. At RA, you can be confident that kindness is taught, responsibility is shaped, character is developed and learning is joyful.

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