Tuition & Tuition Assistance


Tuition is designed to meet the core costs of providing the highest quality educational program for our students. However, while tuition provides for much of our annual program costs, it does not cover the full expense of educating a child. Like many independent schools, we count on bridging the financial gap through charitable contributions made to our Annual Fund. By keeping tuition modest, we believe we can put an RA education within reach for more families and build the type of inclusive community we all wish to have.

2019-2020 Tuition

Please contact our Landmark Preschool campuses for information as tuition varies based on age, schedule, and program.

Lower School
Kindergarten: $26,460*
Grade 1 through Grade 3: $33,015*

Middle School
Grades 4 & 5: $36,930*

Upper School
Grade 6 through Grade 8: $38,585*

*Tuition at RA is calculated to cover the core costs of the educational program, including textbooks, instructional materials, and laboratory fees at all grade levels. The RA meal plan, Parent Association fees, field trips, as well as athletic uniforms and equipment are also included in the cost of tuition. At various grade levels, additional fees apply for overnight field trips, P.E. uniforms, and other incidentals.

Payment Options

RA currently offers three payment options:

Annual Payments
Single payment, due June 1

Bi-annual Payments*
Two (2) payments: 60% due June 1, followed by 40% due December 1.

Monthly Payments*
Eight (8) monthly payments: June 1 to Jan 1.

*Bi-annual and Monthly Payment schedules include a fee for paying in installments, and mandatory TRP.


Tuition Refund Plan

The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) protects the financial investments of families from an unexpected change in enrollment during the academic year. Participation is recommended for all, and required for those using bi-annual or monthly payment plans. You can view the brochure, in its entirety, here.

Tuition Assistance Timeline

Tuition Assistance

Because the actual cost of educating each student exceeds that of our tuition and fees, every Ridgefield Academy student, in effect, receives aid — the difference between the tuition and fees, and the actual cost of an RA education.

Our substantial tuition assistance budget comes entirely from our operating budget. In recent years, nearly 30 percent of our students have received assistance; the range of grants is from $1,000 to $36,000.

We award tuition assistance to many middle-income families, families with relatively high incomes but more than one child in school, and those whose financial circumstances qualify them for a grant that equals the full cost of tuition and fees. Even if you're unsure if you qualify for assistance, we encourage you to apply.

Applying for tuition assistance has absolutely no effect on a student’s application for admission. Admission decisions are based on a student’s qualifications and the likelihood that they will contribute to the life of the school. A family’s application for tuition assistance is considered separately from the application for admission.

Ridgefield Academy safeguards the confidentiality of all financial information supplied by applicants and does not publicly identify recipients of financial aid, except with parental permission. Only those persons directly involved in the financial aid process or in its administration will review this information.