Video Series: The RA Experience

The RA Experience

Lori and John Berisford and their daughters Lane ('12) and Liza ('13) have been an integral part of our school community for 13 years. Since enrolling Lane in the Landmark Preschool Twos program, they have served on our Board of Trustees, led our school's first Capital and Endowment campaign, and Lori served for many years as the President of our Parents' Association.

We had an opportunity to sit down with John to listen to him reflect about his family's experience at the school and share their "lessons from a couple of Lifer parents." The videos below share their collective thoughts.

Berisford Family at Ridgefield Academy

Trust The System

"They will know they have been loved, they will know they have been challenged, and they will know they come from a place with a soul."

This Place Is Not Just For Kids

"We have grown as a result of our Ridgefield Academy lives as much as our children."

Ride The Highs And Lows

"The benefit of being able to look back is that the highs all look crisper, they look more elevated, they’re more important and the lows tend to fade."

Stay The Course

"The development of character, the preparedness for choices, the values that will allow young adults to stand tall when there’s a really difficult choice in front of them."

Get Involved

"This is a community where parent involvement and participation is required and the more we get the more special this place is, both for the children and the parents."