CT law requires certain citizens to report suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect. Public and independent school teachers are mandated reporters.​​
Mandated reporters must report orally to the DCF or a law enforcement agency within 12 hours of suspecting that a child has been abused or neglected.​
If a mandated reporter has made an oral report to DCF, he/she does not need to also provide a written report.​
Mandated reporters are not allowed to request anonymity when making a report.​
It is not always appropriate to inform the family before or after you have filed a report, especially if there is a chance that the abuser is a member of the family.​
Immunity from civil or criminal liability is granted to people who make required reports in good faith.​
There are no penalties imposed on mandated reporters who fail to report cases of probable child abuse/neglect. ​
Physical abuse is frequently accompanied by the following child behaviors​​
Cuts and bruises on the bony parts of the body are usually associated with accidents rather than abuse.​
Abusers often tell children that bad things will happen if they tell others about the maltreatment.​​
If a child is making a disguised disclosure, you should:​​​​
A 12 year old girl with a long history of lying in school has confided to her friend that her father sometimes touches her inappropriately. The friend shares this with you. You doubt the validity of the claim. The father is a prominent member of the community. How do you respond?​​
In determining whether sexual activity between children is considered sexual abuse, the DCF considers:​
Which of the following constitutes emotional abuse:​
Mandated reporters do not need any proof of abuse in order to report their suspicion that it may have occurred.​