Family DirectoryFaculty & Staff Directory

Our Family Directory as well as our Faculty and Staff directory are available online. To access either directory simply click on the corresponding button above. Please note, to access the Family Directory you will need to enter your Patriot Portal credentials. We kindly ask that you refrain from using this directory for anything other than its intended purpose and that you do not share this directory with anyone outside of our community.

If your information is not displayed as you'd like it to be, you may change it at any time by following these steps:
To make changes, log in to the Patriot Portal and select Update my Household Profile. This will lead you to My Family: Information Review where you can make any necessary changes. You may choose what basic information should appear in the directories under Family Directory Preferences. The next card, Personal Directory Preferences, allows you to add or delete information you would or would not like to share.

If you have questions about the directory, or the information contained therein, please contact:

Preschool & Lower School, contact:
Julie Alzapiedi
203.894.1800 x102

Middle School & Upper School, contact:
Marcie Maguire
203.894.1800 x134