Grandparents & Special Friends play a vital role in our community as loving supporters of our students and their education.


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Each year, this extended community contributes over $10,000 to the Ridgefield Academy & Landmark Preschool Annual Fund, supporting the programs and experiences that challenge and inspire students every day.

To those who have offered their support this year, we thank you. For those interested in making an impact during the 2021-2022 Annual Fund, we invite you to make a tax-deductible gift here.

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Mr. and Mrs. Ayaz

Bernadine V. Barry
Sophie & Cole
Stephen and Polly Birrell

Nancy and Tom Bradbury

Randy and Bonnie Brooks
Abigail & Madison
Slide 2
Betsy Clark
Sharon Cunninghis and Rick Grossbard

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howarth
Lainey, Clinton, & Thomas

Anna-Marie and Stephen Kellen Foundation
Adelaide & Magnus

John and Kathleen Krampf
Lily & Aidan
Slide 3
Douglas and Alice Kraus
Skylar, Callan, Cooper, & Luca
Don Lia and Lucy Paleczna
Sloan, Scarlett, & Julian

The McGuigan Family
Addison & Harper

Bob and Debbie McGuinness
Alexa, Ella, & Keira
Celeste Maloney
Lachlan & Quinlan
Slide 4
Ted and Nancy Morse

Steve and Sandra Nelson
Gabby & Andrew
John and Jackie O'Callaghan
Lily & Aidan

Nancy and Jeff Osborne
Ashton, James, & Will
Steve and Natalie Sondheimer
Sasha & Simon
Slide 5
Phil and Margot Sullivan
Lily & Aidan

Stuart Marcus and Ann-Marie Trotta

John and Patricia Valiska
Al and Liz Wakin
Austin & Tristan
Mr. and Mrs. William Weeks
Luciana & Sophia
Slide 6
Denise and Lloyd Werner
Grace & Josie