From Head of School Tom Main’s 2022 summer letter to Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool parents: “One of our greatest accomplishments of the last two years has been the simple fact that we have been in session every day. We believe that there is deep and substantive value to gathering and learning in person: academically, social-emotionally, and as a community. Consequently, holding “normal” school, on-campus, has been critical to our success. Our students have continued to mature and develop in all the ways they should – they are not “gapped” in any critical areas. With this philosophy in mind, as well as current conditions, and the recommendations coming from various health organizations, we will continue modifying our mitigation strategies and communication protocols.”

At the close of the 2021-2022 school year, the State of Connecticut provided guidance for school communities "to begin the transition of management of COVID-19 from a pandemic emergency response model toward a model that aligns with a more standard public health approach to the management and control of respiratory viral diseases." That model shifted to localized decision-making, case-specific circumstances surrounding exposure, and community protocols and moved away from individual case investigation, contact tracing, and quarantining of staff and students following exposures.

The 2022-2023 school year continues the evolution of school response, with our school implementing an approach centered around:
  • Recommended vaccination
  • a "Test-Mask-Go" strategy, which allows specific guidelines for continued in-person participation with symptom awareness and at-home testing, and
  • continued use of available prevention tools, which should be adjusted if field conditions change

We will continue our management this year with a mindset of doing what works best for our community's needs, taking into account local, state, and then federal guidance, while keeping student and staff health and wellness at the forefront of our decision-making.

Through the school’s Patriot Portal, enrolled families can view a COVID Dashboard and current mitigation protocols and policies. The portal will be used to communicate COVID related changes with our Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschool community as needed.