If you would like, you may download and print the holiday calendar here.

Please note: While we make every effort to plan our year carefully, certain unforeseen circumstances, such as weather or health related closures, will occasionally force us to change our calendar. Additionally, new items are added to our calendar often as the year progresses. For these reasons, we ask that once the school year begins you refer to your personalized calendar in the Patriot Portal.


Parents now have the ability to select to receive calendars specific to your child/ren's grades and activities. Below are instructions on how to sync the new calendars to your devices: For those of you new to the Patriot Portal please click here: Patriot Portal Your username is firstname.lastname (use all lowercase letters, such as imma.patriot). You can easily reset your password, if needed. We recommend bookmarking the Patriot Portal on your computer or phone, or you can always access it through the website.


  • Log into the Patriot Portal on your device of choice.
  • Click the blue box on the right-hand side of the Portal that says Subscribe to My Calendar
  • Click the Subscribe button next to the My Household Calendar option.
    • When you click the subscribe button, your device’s default calendar application will open and will prompt you to add your RA calendar to your list of available calendars.
    • If you use Google Calendar to manage your calendars, check the box above the list of calendars on the subscription page that says Subscribe Using Google Calendar. This will add the RA calendar to the list of available calendars in your Google account.
  • Grade 4 - 8 parents, you may then subscribe to your student's assignments and class schedule in the same way. Please label them carefully so you know which is which.


After subscribing to your personal calendar on the Patriot Portal, you will automatically see all your child/ren’s athletic events on your calendar. To add a calendar of all RA athletic events to your device, click this link - - and choose to add it to your list of calendars.

Google Calendar users, click the + next to the option to Add a coworker's calendar and choose the option for From URL. In the box that appears, paste in the URL


Parents can add buttons for the RA Website and/or the Patriot Portal on the home screen of their phones. These shortcuts will enable you to access the RA Website or Patriot Portal easily in order to make dismissal changes, access athletic events for directions via Google Maps, Waze, and other navigation applications, or view other news and information on our website with one touch.

iPhone users: Pull up the RA Website or Patriot Portal on your phone or tablet. Click the Action button (the little square button with the upward-pointing arrow) and select Add to Home Screen.

Android users: Pull up the RA Website or Patriot Portal on your phone or tablet. Click the Overflow button (the three vertical dots next to the website address) and select Add to Home Screen.

We hope this improved functionality helps you stay apprised of all of our school events and assists you in making changes to your child's dismissal schedule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Marcie Maguire at 203.894.1800 x134 or