Ridgefield Academy’s Parents' Association, RAPA, is an organization consisting of parents from our school community who help support the mission, events, and fundraising activities of our school. RAPA extends a welcoming arm to all RA families by inviting and encouraging participation in a wide range of school-wide events. RAPA volunteers are an integral part of our school community and generously offer hundreds of volunteer hours to help support the culture and programs of the Academy.
The organizational structure of RAPA consists of a RAPA President and a Vice President for each of the schools four divisions (Preschool, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School), a Secretary and Treasurer. All RAPA Board members work closely with the RA RAPA Liaison and other key administrators to bring issues to the attention of the school and learn about changes in policy, upcoming events, and other issues that may impact the educational experience for our students. Additionally, RAPA has numerous event chairs and classroom/grade representatives. A list of current RAPA Board Members and Class Representatives can be found here.

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Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet other parents within the community and a terrific way to model community service for children. We invite you to volunteer for one of our many parent-led/parent-assisted events during the year using the form below.


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