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Quote 20 - Parent (Harashima)
We decided to enroll our son at RA for the nurturing and individualized attention to each child's strengths. When he started at RA two years ago, his attention tended to drift when he wasn't feeling particularly engaged or interested in the subject-matter or lesson. We now realize that he thrives in an environment where the teachers know how to best guide him optimally. He is more engaged, and continues his love of learning, learning to love to read more. More importantly, the school is building his character by building confidence interacting with classmates and teachers. We are fortunate to have teachers who truly care about building character and pushing the students to learn how to think critically. ~ Hide Harashima P'21
Quote 21 - Parent (Amadeo)
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stand in the gym at all-school Assembly and hear my daughter, Juliet, deliver her 8th grade talk to the student body. She had chosen to speak about courage. Watching her, I could remember the very small 2-year old I brought to Landmark who would hide behind my legs as I dropped her off. But on this day, a confident 14-year old addressed the whole school about an experience she had over the summer which challenged her. I strongly believe that her years at RA have made her into the girl I am so very proud of: an 8th grader on the cusp between middle and high school; a teenager ready for the academic and social challenges which lay ahead; a caring person who has thrived in the community of RA. Her future is bright! Thank you, Ridgefield Academy. ~ Jen Amadeo P'16, '20
Quote 22 - Parent (Beylouni)
Our family joined the RA community in September 2010 when our daughter, Ava, started in kindergarten. This past fall we proudly watched her graduate as part of the RA Class of 2019. The years that Ava spent at Ridgefield Academy were an integral part in shaping her into the focused and confident student she is today. It is a nurturing and loving school that promotes kindness and being supportive of your fellow students. Our son, Logan, is currently in the 1st grade. He started in the Ones class. We are so happy to be able to experience the school a second time around. There are lots of changes that have happened, but the core values of the school have remained the same over the years. RA has always felt like our home away from home. I love being able to give back to the school. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the other parents and I love helping out at all of the wonderful events throughout the year. I am also honored to be a member of the board of trustees. RA relies on its family for support and we owe it to the school to maintain the level of excellence our children get everyday. RA is a special school and I am thrilled my children love it there as much as I do. ~ Kristin Beylouni P'19, '27
Quote 23 - Parent (Davis)
RA has been an amazing experience for my daughter and me. This encompasses so many things - the school's ability to inspire her to be the best version of herself; the community of engaged and caring parents; and teachers who are so committed to each and every one of their students. I am thankful every day that I can send my daughter to this wonderful place. ~ Alison Davis P'30
Quote 24 - Parent (Birch)
My family has been enriched by RA for over 20 years. Both of my children traveled years of development from 3s to 8th grade graduation. RA has been part of the fabric of our family. It provided my sons an exceptional academic training within a nurturing environment. They have grown now to be fine young adults and in no small measure that is because of the experiences at RA. I continue to give my time back because of all it has provided my family. Thank you. ~ Timothy Birch P'09, '13
Quote 25 - Parent (Suter)
As a parent, it can be nerve-racking to move schools with your children. Will they thrive academically? Will they make friends? Will they be known and loved by the teachers? So, when I sat down for the first parent-teacher conference in the fall of 2013 in front of a room full of middle school educators, and heard them tell me about my children--absolutely nailing each child's strengths, challenges, and opportunities from their respective experiences--I was as impressed as I have ever been at any point in my kids' educational careers. The RA teachers nailed each child's personality, showed how well they had already come to know and love my children in a short amount of time, and convinced me that we made a wise decision of sending them to RA without ever even being asked the questions we worried about. I will forever remember that moment when I knew how well my kids were not just surviving, but thriving, in their new environment at RA. ~ RA Parent '17, '17, '19
Quote 26 - Parent (Howarth)
I believe in independent schools because I believe in community. I believe that a community of learners and friends makes each individual stronger; more capable of reaching his or her full potential. It has been so special to see my own three children thrive within the RA community, a community that supports them in being themselves. ~ Clinton Howarth P'24, '29, '31
Quote 27 - Parent (Sondheimer)
During the holiday season, we encourage our kids to share some of their savings with organizations that mean a lot to them. RA is always part of this conversation. The kids arrive at this decision naturally because they see it as warm, loving, and (super) fun place to learn and just exist. They love their teachers, their friends, and all (okay, most) of the experiences they have because of the RA community. We are happy to support their giving choice because we feel the same way. ~ Rachel & Joe Sondheimer P'25, '27
Quotes 28 - Parent (O'Callaghan)
I am so lucky to be a division head here at RA but I am also extremely lucky to be the parent of two RA students. When we arrived here, our daughter Lily was in the 4s and refused to get onto the risers for any concert or production. She would sit timidly on her teacher's lap or look at me with teary eyes. She was just too nervous! This week, Lily stood proudly on the stage to present her 4th grade monologue and she nailed it with confidence and poise. We as parents thank RA for that growth in her confidence to allow her to get on that stage and show her true self. ~ Alison O'Callaghan P'24, '22
Quote 29 - Alumni (Higley)
I was a student at RA and I graduated in 2012. RA is a great school because it made me feel safe and supported when I was at my lowest. I hope I will get to send my daughter there so she can have an experience like I did. ~ Amanda Higley '12
Quote 30 - Parent (Van Riper)
All three of my children undeniably love coming to RA. They don’t like to be late or absent, and they genuinely love to learn and share what they are learning in school! This passion for learning began at Landmark Preschool and continues to be fostered at RA by the talented and dedicated teachers. I don’t get to thank the teachers enough for their tireless efforts and countless hours of sacrifices they make for my children.

It’s the small things that they do that make the biggest difference, making the community feel like a family and a second home. For example, recently, my oldest son spent a few days in the hospital for pneumonia and missed several days of school. His teacher understood that I was very uneasy about him returning to class. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to email me a photo of my son and daughter spontaneously hugging as they passed each other in the hall, which is rare, to ease my mind. It's these small, but unforgettable moments that stand out for me and motivate me to continue to help RA be its best for all of our children. ~ Daniell Van Riper P'25, 27, 30
Quote 31 - Parent (Kolani)
When my older son Henry graduated last year, I had the chance to share with his close group of friends how thankful I was for them during Henry's four years at Ridgefield Academy. Their friendship helped him become the person he is now and was a textbook definition of a supportive community, a hallmark of the RA experience. While I miss seeing them every day, I know they'll all go on to do great things and will continue to share those things with each other. As a parent, I couldn't possibly ask for more. ~ Basil Kolani P'19, '22

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