Stock Transfers

DTC Eligible Securities Transfer Instructions
Client Name: Ridgefield Academy
Schwab Account Number: 3102-5438
DTC #: 0164, Code 40
Kenneth Samuelian, SVP
Wealth Management at Century Bank
T: (781) 393-4602
Brokers cannot disclose a giftor’s identity, to assure proper crediting of the gift, please send the following information to the Ridgefield Academy Advancement Office via mail, email, or fax (below) with the following information:
  1. Name of donor
  2. Name of the stock to be transferred
  3. Number of shares and/or approximate gift value
  4. Gift designation (Annual Fund, Capital Gift, etc.)
Clancy Healy
Manager of Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement
Ridgefield Academy
223 West Mountain Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877
T: (203) 894-1800 x 128
F: (203) 697- 2683
Gift date and valuation are determined per IRS regulations. The official gift date is the date the shares arrive in the Ridgefield Academy account. The value of the stock is the average of the high and low per share (mean market value) on the date of gift.
Please contact the Ridgefield Academy Advancement Office if the gift is in a form other than U.S. stocks.