Remote Learning FAQ

Question: Are you closed?
Answer: No. While our physical campuses are currently closed (including academic buildings, school grounds and playgrounds), school remains in session for joyful and engaged learning remotely.
Question: How do I get in touch with someone at the school?
Answer: In accordance with the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing, faculty, staff, and administration are all working remotely. However, we encourage you to reach out via email or voicemail to any member of our community, and they will respond. Our faculty and staff directory can be accessed here.
Question: What are some resources you can offer to help us talk to our child about COVID-19? To help us set up for success with remote learning?
Answer: This is a stressful time for families. Our school counselor offers a number of resources for families to talk to their children here. As a help to families, we offer these tips for setting up your remote learning space at home. We also encourage students and parents to talk with their teachers about their remote learning experience and what works best for them.
Question: Is the school considering any tuition adjustments at this time?
Answer: We are beginning the process of reimbursing fees for programs and undelivered services outside of tuition (busing, extended care and after school clubs, for instance) while we are off-campus.

Tuition adjustments will not be made at this time because we continue to offer top-level education, but in a distance-learning format. We continue to offer our Preschool-Grade 8 program and are regularly assessing it to ensure that quality teaching and learning continues during this time away from campus. The costs of operating the school, such as teacher salaries, are aggregated over the entire year. Tuition revenue continues to support those salaries, technology operations (so critical during this time), and providing professional development, necessary to build skills and knowledge.
Question: When will this be over? When can we return to campus?
Answer: The school, in partnership with our board of trustees, local health professionals, and public officials will continue to make decisions in the best interest of our students, their families, and our faculty and staff as it relates to when we can safely return to campus. Depending on what counsel is given to schools from the State of CT, we may have other options for trying to provide more days to families between now and the end of the year. We eagerly await Gov. Lamont's direction on this matter and will update you as more information becomes available. For now, we know we are off campus at least through May 20.
Question: What can we expect when we do get back to campus? What changes will the school be making?
Answer: Until a proven vaccine is readily available, schools and other organizations will need to adjust their daily operations and procedures to best protect their communities from possible COVID-19 infection. Information on how to best mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is still evolving, however, it is safe to assume that additional measures of hygiene as well as changes to our large group meetings and activities will need to be put into place upon our return to campus. Members of our COVID Task Force will continue to monitor recommendations from health professionals and create a plan that will work to keep our students, families, faculty and staff safe while attempting to preserve the warmth of our community and our school’s traditions.
Question: Are you going to have summer programming?
Answer: Summer programs are an important part of our school offerings and are set to begin on Monday, June 15. It is our hope that we will be able to offer our summer programs but will only do so if local health professionals and public officials deem it safe to do so. Any fees incurred for our summer program will be reimbursed if we are not able to offer our summer programs.
Question: I care about this community. How can I be supportive?
Answer: You can help Ridgefield Academy & Landmark Preschool stay fiscally strong and on track by making a gift to the Annual Fund. These unrestricted dollars allow us to direct resources wherever they are needed most, including professional development for teachers, financial aid or technology.

Our families come from over 35 different towns and cities. Each week, Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator, Jessica Brooks, compiles and shares a list of opportunities that our families have brought to our attention to donate, volunteer, and express support to essential workers. You find that list here.
Question: What is the plan for next year?
Answer: As you know, the situation surrounding COVID-19 and recommended restrictions for large group gatherings is subject to change as health professionals and government leaders gather new information. With the safety of our school community as our first priority, we will continue to take advice from health professionals and public officials when determining when it will be safe for us to return to campus. While it is our sincere hope that on-campus instruction and activities will resume in the very near future, our leadership team and Board of Trustees are working together on a plan in the event we are unable to open our campus and need to extend the use of our remote learning program. We appreciate your feedback on the remote learning experience and have implemented some of the adjustments and improvements that will enable us to continue to offer an uninterrupted high quality educational experience to your child under any circumstances.

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