Educating The Whole Child

Student Writing in Notebook

At Ridgefield Academy we believe that the preschool through middle school years are critical to the successful development of a child, as a learner, thinker, creator, and life participant. Our preschool through grade 8 structure, which carefully melds academic challenge with social support, and without upper school pressures, is ideal for children in every grade to grow at the right pace, intellectually and emotionally. Our students are able to learn as children, to explore, to take risks, to play, to experience the joy of learning, and to discover the world and themselves. We are a connected community of engaged learners, teachers, guides, supporters and citizens; a community that embraces differences and encourages collaboration in every endeavor. By bringing together personalized teaching methods, an integrated and innovative curriculum, and a supportive community, RA enables its students to grow as learners and people, and become their "best selves." Students in our school are known, needed, and valued for who they are, and graduate empowered to take on challenges, inspired to lead, and as kind and respectful citizens that look to help others.