Online Training

Child Abuse Protection

CAIS has received permission from the Virginia State Department of Education (VISSTA) to participate in the online training program that is required for teacher certification in Virginia. We believe that the VISSTA program is the best of its kind in the nation and we are grateful for the opportunity to "piggy-back" onto it.

Step 1 - VISSTA Training

When you click on the blue button below, a new window or tab will open and you will be directed to the VISSTA website where you will find a Welcome section. IMPORTANT: Do not close this instruction window as you will need to return to it for Steps 2 & 3. In the Welcome section, the required computer capabilities will be described and simple directions for navigating the program will be offered. At the conclusion of the Welcome section, you will be asked to proceed to the Introduction section. Since the introduction is essentially written for Virginia teachers, you can scroll to the end and proceed directly to Topic 1.

The tutorial is divided into three topics. Topic 1 is designed to help you recognize the common indicators of child abuse and neglect. The program cites the legal definitions of child abuse as they appear in Virginia codes and statutes. Be assured that the language in CT codes is almost identical. There are links in Topic 1 to specific Virginia code citations. However, there is no need for you to read them.

Topic 2 offers advice on how to respond to a child's disclosure and how to determine if a report to a state agency is warranted. Topic 2 concludes with an online quiz titled "Check Your Knowledge". It is not necessary for you to take that quiz, since it is specific to Virginia codes.

NOTE: The Virginia website does not work with Safari or Chrome and also does not do well on mobile devices. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer when accessing the training.  

Step 2 - CT Child Abuse Reporting Laws

When you have completed Topic 2 on the VISSTA website, return to this page and click on the red box below. This will take you to the section on the CAIS website that discusses CT Reporting requirements. Please read the requirements, focusing on the following sections: How To Report, Immunity and Penalty and Informing the Family.

When you have completed your reading, you are ready to proceed to Step 3, the CAIS quiz. The quiz is 15 questions - a combination of True/False and multiple-choice questions, covering the major points of the tutorial. If you have read through the materials and watched the videos, you will be well prepared. Specific facts that you will need to know are: the CT timeline for making an oral report and penalties in CT for failure to make a report.

Step 3 - Quiz

After you have taken the quiz, the HR Department will receive a copy and score it. If you score less than 12 answers correctly, you will be asked to retake the quiz - but you will only have to answer the questions that you answered incorrectly on your first attempt. Before you retake the quiz, you can ask your test administrator for the topics of the specific questions that you answered incorrectly. (Each question on the quiz is preceded by a "Topic Focus"). By asking for the topics, you can review only the areas that you missed.