RAPA Fundraisers

Box Tops for Education Logo
We want your BoxTops!

Do you buy brands like PaperMate, Hefty, Scott, Cascadian Farms, Nature Valley, Ziploc? If so, you have probably seen a BoxTop on the packaging, and RAPA wants it! Each BoxTop clipped [or receipt scanned, if applicable] generates $.10 for our community. Ten cents may not seem like a lot, but the program has generated over $7k for our school since program enrollment. Take a look at all the participating products at boxtops4education.com!

There are now two ways to redeem BoxTops:

BoxTops4Education are beginning to phase out clippable BoxTops on packages but, for now, clip away! In fact, ask friends and family to help clip!

  • To submit, clip and enclose your BoxTop labels in an envelope indicating your child(ren)’s first/last name and corresponding team color (Blue or White Team to which your child has been assigned).
  • Drop off your envelope at one of the following locations:
    • Donna Kauth and Julie Alzapiedi's office in the Summit Building
    • Marcie Maguire's office in the Upper School

Please note this must be done within two weeks of purchase.

  • Download the BoxTops app on your smartphone and create an account. Choose Ridgefield Academy (School ID# 131781) as your supporting school.
  • When you purchase a participating BoxTop item (you’ll see the new Boxtop logo on the packaging), scan your receipt (within 14 days of purchase) using the BoxTops app. The $.10 will instantly be added to our school’s account!
  • For your child to earn field day points for their team, please email your digital activity (can be accessed via the BoxTop app when logged in) to RAPA’s BoxTop Coordinator, Liz Smolenack, so that your efforts can be tracked. You can do this one of two ways:
    • Forward the confirmation email you receive whenever you scan your receipt
    • Log in to your BoxTop app and take a screen shot of your activity and attach to an email to RAPA’s BoxTop Coordinator, Liz Smolenack.

BoxTops4Education issues checks twice a year and the deadlines for submission are November 1 & March 1. Please send in your clippings and digital receipts by this time. Every BoxTop clipped/scanned helps your child(ren)’s team gain point advantage for Field Day. Plus, there will be a prize for the family that submits the most BoxTops at the end of the school year!

Stop & Shop Logo

Have you linked your Stop & Shop card for A+ rewards?

Every time you shop at Stop & Shop between September 6, 2019 and March 14, 2020, you could be earning cash for our school! A portion of your receipt is donated to Ridgefield Academy whenever you check out at the register with your enrolled Stop & Shop card. Thank you to all the families that are already participating!

Not yet enrolled? It’s easy!
  • Visit stopandshop.com and register for an online account or sign into an existing one.
  • Once logged in, select My Account, then Manage My Account, followed by Rewards & Savings to select your school.
  • Select Ridgefield Academy (School ID: 07244)
  • For assistance call 1-877-366-2668 (Option #1)

We welcome friends and family to benefit Ridgefield Academy when they shop as well!

Amazon Smile Program Logo
Shopping on Amazon can earn cash for RA!

Did you know that the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate .5% of your eligible receipts to a charitable organization of your choice? Here’s how:

To create an AmazonSmile membership:
  • Go to smile.amazon.com, enter your email address and your existing Amazon password.
  • On the proceeding screen, choose: Pick your own Charitable Organization and type: Ridgefield Academy Inc.
  • All your Amazon wish lists, account settings, shipping/billing information, registries and Prime membership will be linked to your AmazonSmile account.

Once you have created a membership, add a bookmark to remember to shop through smile.amazon.com as any shopping done through amazon.com will not be credited to Ridgefield Academy. When you visit smile.amazon.com, you'll see Supporting: Ridgefield Academy in the upper left of the screen.

Lands' End School Rewards Logo
With Lands End School Rewards, you can help RA raise money when you purchase school uniforms through landsend.com.

  • Go to landsend.com and select: School
  • On the next screen, choose: Shop By School
  • Type in the 9-digit number: 900051855 (Ridgefield Academy's preferred school number.)
  • On the next screen, you will see the RA logo and school address
  • Input the grade and gender of your child, select Save School (or alternately, select Shop Now) and start shopping!

Lands End will donate 3% cash-back to RA on our school's total uniform purchases.

You can also help RA raise money when you purchase school uniforms through Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Go to www.globalschoolwear.com
  • On the Find Your School page, please enter either your Partner School Code RIDG01 or search by school name and location. Please also select your student’s grade, gender and program type.
  • The website will automatically apply logo requirements (or options) as determined by your school’s administrative team.
  • Once you have identified a product for purchase, select your color, size, logo (if applicable), and quantity. After selecting Add to Cart, the items will be added to your shopping cart, and you will be prompted to either Continue Shopping or Checkout Now.
  • If you have questions about sizing, click on the Size Chart link. If you still have questions after using our Size Chart, please call the toll-free customer service number below; our customer service team will be happy to assist.
  • Upon placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirming ship date and tracking information. Please allow 10-12 business days from the time your order is placed for it to be delivered.
  • Your order history will be stored in your account, and you can come back to the website anytime, 24/7, to place additional orders.
  • For all customer service questions, please call 1.877.825.2860.

Tommy Hilfiger will donate 5% cash-back to RA on our school's total uniform purchases.