RAPA Fundraisers

If you have a Stop & Shop card, you can earn money for Ridgefield Academy with every grocery purchase. Stop & Shop donates $2.5 million dollars to schools every year. Register your Stop & Shop card online in the A+ School Rewards program, and every time you shop and use your card, you'll earn fundraising dollars for RA.
To register online:
  • Visit www.stopandshop.com/aplus/register-card. Type in the first three letters of the last name on your grocery card and all 13-digits surrounding the barcode on your card.
  • On the next screen, go to: Already know your school's ID? and type in: 07244 (Ridgefield Academy's school ID).
  • On the next screen, you will see: Ridgefield Academy
  • Click Confirm and you'll be registered!

At the bottom of your Stop & Shop receipts, you'll see A+ School Rewards and a points total. You earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Please join the 60+ RA families already participating and sign up online today!

Box Tops for Education coupons are found on brands like: Betty Crocker, Fiber One, Food Should Taste Good, General Mills, Green Giant, Hanes, Hefty, Kleenex, Motts, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Progresso, Scott, Yoplait and Ziploc. Each Box Top is worth $0.10 to Ridgefield Academy. If you buy these products, please look for the pink Box Tops coupons and clip them.

Collection bins are located in the following locations:
  • In the hallway outside the gym in the Lower School building
  • Inside Marcie McGuire's office at the Upper School
  • Inside the double doors to the turf field in the Upper School.

Enclose your Box Top coupons in an envelope and indicate Blue or White Team on the outside, reflecting the RA team to which your child has been assigned. Box Tops coupons will earn your child's team extra points in the all-school Blue vs. White Games during the Spring. Please refer to the RA Weekly for Box Tops deadlines, typically in Oct and Feb. Many thanks to the numerous families already participating!

Raise money for RA when you shop through Amazon's AmazonSmile program! Upon registering for this program, and designating Ridgefield Academy as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Ridgefield Academy. The same merchandise, categories and prices shown on amazon.com are featured on smile.amazon.com. The only difference is the benefit of raising money for Ridgefield Academy or a charity of your choice.

To create an AmazonSmile membership:
  • Go to smile.amazon.com, enter your email address and your existing Amazon password.
  • On the proceeding screen, choose: Pick your own Charitable Organization and type: Ridgefield Academy Inc.
  • All your Amazon wish lists, account settings, shipping/billing information, registries and Prime membership will be linked to your AmazonSmile account.

Once you have created a membership, add a bookmark to remember to shop through smile.amazon.com as any shopping done through amazon.com will not be credited to Ridgefield Academy. When you visit smile.amazon.com, you'll see Supporting: Ridgefield Academy in the upper left of the screen.

With Lands End School Rewards, you can help RA raise money when you purchase school uniforms through landsend.com.

  • Go to landsend.com/uniforms and select: Find Your School
  • On the next screen, choose: Find my school using my preferred school number.
  • Type in the 9-digit number: 900051855 (Ridgefield Academy's preferred school number.)
  • On the next screen, you will see the RA logo and school address
  • Input the grade and gender of your child, click Save School and start shopping!

Lands End will donate 3% cash-back to RA on our school's total uniform purchases.

French Toast's 'Dollars in Uniform' program makes sure that 5% of your uniform purchases go back to RA.

  • Visit the homepage of French Toast.
  • Click on the link Find your School. A pop-up will appear with a box Shop my School Dress Code.
  • Type in QS4FAP (RA's code) next to Shop my School Dress Code.
  • Click the red Locate button. RA dress code items by grade will appear. Use the tabs on the left-hand margin to find apparel items approved for your child's grade level.