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Each Ridgefield Academy student rings the Patriot Bell just twice, once at the beginning of their time at RA and once at graduation as their RA journey concludes. What truly sets RA apart from other schools is what happens between the time a student rings the Bell for the first and last time.
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  • Students develop a strong sense of character through service learning
  • Public speaking instills confidence in each child
  • A breathtaking 42-acre campus provides an ideal learning environment
  • Dedicated teachers guide children to become confident and capable learners

Tuition income covers approximately 81% of the revenue required to provide RA students the experiences and opportunities between the bell. The balance is comprised of income from programs such as summer camp, interest from the school’s modest reserves, and donations to the Annual Fund

Donations to the Annual Fund allow the school to do even more for our students than we could do with tuition alone. Annual Fund growth directly corresponds to growth in the opportunities and resources available to them.

While the Annual Fund is the school’s most important fund-raising priority, in any given year, there may be other initiatives, such as the Grade 8 Patriot Legacy Fund, that families are also offered the opportunity to support.

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“All three (of my) kids were different, but the school was able to identify what worked with each of them. They worked at each of their paces.” ~ RA Parent

“For us, it was all about the whole child.” ~ RA Parent

“RA challenged (my daughter) in ways because of small class size; it gave her a voice and it gave her confidence.” ~ RA Parent
“RA teachers have created a balance of challenge and nurture, producing a perfect environment for a child to learn, grow and take risks…my children are products of this. They are respectfully well mannered, they are not afraid to make mistakes and they have learned how to succeed even after they fall.” ~ RA Parent
“In the eight years that we have been in the RA community, I can count on one hand the number of not-best days my daughter has had; the day she broke her favorite crayon and the day a buckle on her shoe broke.” ~ Landmark/RA Parent
“We are so lucky to be able to leave our kids here for the day, where the pervasive attitude is ‘anything is possible’.” ~ RA Parent
“There’s no amount of money that can take the place of the gratitude you feel seeing your child have the private school experience.” ~ RA Parent
"The strengths of RA's program can be found on many different levels. I think it is the school's overall approach to curriculum development. Interweaving meaningful literature with verbal and artistic expression; expanding a history unit to include culture, art and science along with the core topic; relating Latin roots to English and foreign language vocabulary are all examples of how RA educates rather than teaches. From the first moment you meet the teaching staff, you realize they are there because they love to educate students." ~ RA Parent
"I just started the Robotics Club, am taking all the honors classes, as well as taking an independent study course on computer programming. Last year I made the Honor Roll both semesters. I am very thankful for the opportunities that Ridgefield Academy has given me." ~ Alum
"Ridgefield Academy prepared me very well for high school at Greens Farms Academy - both in the classroom and on the field. I was able to take the advanced math class Algebra 2 as a freshman as well as Biology Honors. Señora Brooks prepared me very well for conversational Spanish that allowed me to fit right in with my Honors Spanish class." ~ Alum

"RA Students are poised and prepared." ~ Phillips Exeter

"RA students are strong leaders, curious, risk-takers" ~ Hotchkiss School

"RA students are very well prepared academically. They are well rounded, talented and work well with adults." ~ Brooks School

"Students from Ridgefield Academy are academically prepared and have great character." ~ Choate Rosemary Hall

"They are strong, independent, and well prepared." ~ The Ethel Walker School

"When I look at my four kids, each one of them is so different and yet each one is thriving at this school. For me I think it is because Ridgefield Academy enables each of them to find their own personal best and live that every day - and I think that happens when children are valued and supported as they are at this school." ~ RA Parent
"As well as being valued, my children are supported at Ridgefield Academy. And because they are supported, they challenge themselves, they take risks, they try new things that they never thought they could do and that’s something that’s been particularly special to us in our time at this school.” ~ RA Parent
"It goes beyond just providing opportunity. At RA children are encouraged to follow and to develop their passions and dreams. My eldest child, Aidan, says that his favorite thing about his Technology teacher, Mr Larson, is that Mr. Larson never says no to an idea. That is so meaningful to a child – to feel that their ideas have value, and to be given the tools to bring them to fruition - that’s empowering, and that’s what thriving looks like.” ~ RA Parent