The middle school years are critical for academic, social, and emotional learning, setting the foundation for who a child will become.

Ridgefield Academy’s comprehensive middle school program engages students in forward-thinking educational experiences and develops critical thinking, reading, writing, and public speaking skills. Dynamic teachers understand that the dominant question middle schoolers are facing at this time is, “Who am I?” and seek to help guide this navigation by nurturing the whole child. As part of a vibrant community that celebrates childhood and values kindness, children grow as both intellects and individuals. When each child is known, valued, and understood, they emerge from middle school as self-assured graduates prepared for success in high school and beyond.

We invite you to learn more about our program, community, and culture. Find out how we excel at expanding the boundaries of students' capabilities while fostering joyful learning and preserving the integrity of childhood. Here, the dreamers of today become the thinkers of tomorrow.


Ridgefield Academy