Landmark Preschool

One Community, Three Campuses

Landmark Preschool has provided an engaging preschool program for 40 years. With three campuses (Bedford, Ridgefield, and Westport), the Landmark Preschool program embraces the whole child by encouraging purposeful learning which supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physiological development. Landmark offers both structure and flexibility to give children a sense of security and confidence as they explore their world. Children are encouraged and empowered to stretch themselves as far as they are ready and willing to go.

Our teachers are experienced in early childhood education and development. Recognizing that each child learns in his/her own unique way, Landmark’s low student/teacher ratio allows our teachers to really get to know your child. These warm, personal connections help our teachers find the optimum way to support and empower your child in all aspects of development during the all-important first five years.

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