The Kindergarten - Grade 3 years at Ridgefield Academy are where children learn to love learning. When a student rings the Patriot Bell on their first day of school, a boundless academic journey - from uncertainty to confidence and dependence to self-reliance - begins. Students are welcomed into a warm, caring school community where they will thrive.

At RA, every student is seen, known, and understood as an individual. Our comprehensive educational program meets each student where they are in their learning and challenges them to be their best selves. Student learning, and most importantly, student well-being, is supported by dedicated faculty and staff who are experts in what is developmentally appropriate at each age level. In addition to the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, and social studies, the curriculum is enhanced by world language, art, technology, science, and physical education classes. Public speaking skills are emphasized through many opportunities throughout the year, including presentations in each subject area, performances, and all-school assemblies. Beginning in the Lower School and continuing through Grade 8, students participate in an active service learning program which empowers them to become thoughtful, reflective citizens at an early age.

Especially in the Lower School years, childhood is valued and celebrated here. Students are encouraged to embrace learning with the joy of childhood, rather than to suppress it. When they arrive at the Summit Building each morning, students are greeted by a vast 42-acre campus designed intentionally for children—a space where they can play, take risks, be challenged, grow, and feel a sense of belonging. The foundation built in the Lower School at Ridgefield Academy cultivates a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. We invite you to explore our Lower School curriculum, attend an upcoming admissions event, or visit Ridgefield Academy to find out what all the fun is about!

Core Programs