Middle School Curriculum


Service Learning
Ridgefield Academy’s Service Learning program combines community service opportunities with classroom lessons and advisory programs in order to teach civic responsibility, strengthen our school and neighboring communities, and enrich the academic experience. Through guest speaker events, field trips, organizational partnerships, and discussion groups, our Service Learning curriculum addresses broader citizenship matters ranging from hunger, poverty, and homelessness to developmental differences and environmental awareness. These programs encourage and empower students to become thoughtful, reflective citizens who are inspired to serve as active change agents in their community.

Ridgefield Academy’s Service Learning program differs from many schools in that our students are encouraged to find their own voice and use it for the good of others. Passion drives action, and when our students are passionate about a particular cause, they are more invested in the work needed to make a difference. Each year we ask students what changes they wish to make in the world, and help them create an action plan. Student-led programs such as our “Stop Hunger Now” school wide meal-packing event and cooking elective were born from our students’ passion to make a difference in their world. You can find a complete list of the many Service Learning activities our students engage in and our partner organizations here.

Writing Across the Disciplines
Developing strong written communication skills is a hallmark of a Ridgefield Academy education. By requiring our students to write across the curriculum, they develop strong writing skills through practice, and learn that writing is a way of learning. Writing helps students think through ideas and concepts and requires them to reflect and take ownership of the information gained.

Physical Education/Sport-Specific Program
In addition to engaging in fitness-based activities, Middle School students are introduced to the skill sets, strategies, and rules of the competitive sports offerings in Upper School. Our friendly Blue-White intramural program gives our Middle School students the exposure to the competitive nature of sport, while reinforcing the ideals of teamwork, accountability, integrity, and good sportsmanship.

Public Speaking Program
An important part of becoming a confident learner is mastering the tools to effectively communicate ideas to others. Ridgefield Academy’s public speaking program teaches communication skills beginning with our youngest grades. Middle School children engage in numerous activities that require them to use their public speaking skills, such as the Grade 4 monologues, the Egypt Fair presentation, the Grade 5 musical, the Socrates Trial, and many more activities. Every one of our graduates completes his or her educational journey at Ridgefield Academy with a personal reflection graduation speech that highlights the success of our public speaking program.

Egypt Fair
Each year, students in Grade 4 study the history and culture of ancient Egypt. As part of a cross-curricular history, language arts, and digital arts lesson, students select a particular aspect of Egyptian culture to research and then produce a Claymation scene using stop-motion animation with Drag-On software. All work is presented and celebrated in front of students and parents at the spring Egypt Fair.

Grade 4 Monologues
As part of our public speaking and theater program, students in Grade 4 select one-page monologues, which they commit to memory and perform alone on stage in front of their audience. Props are kept at a minimum to encourage expressive dramatization and acting skills.

Grade 5 Play
We believe that every child should experience the joy and teamwork of working together to put on a musical performance. Each year a junior version show is selected and Grade 5 students undergo try-outs for the various acting parts. Those who wish to contribute to scenery creation or technical needs such as lighting or sound are provided with those opportunities. The Grade 5 play is performed for the entire school and in the evening for our parent audience.

Socrates Trial
Students in Grade 5 hold mock trial of Socrates to determine if the Greek philosopher is guilty of corrupting the youth, exposing the weaknesses of Athens, and questioning the gods. Students are divided into an offense team, a defense team, Plato, lead attorneys, a judge, and a jury, and everyone has to do his or her job by presenting a speech that reflects his/her ‘side.’ Students are required to “think on their feet” and answer questions to support their case. After much debate, a verdict is declared.

Wellness Program – Digital Citizenship
The RA Wellness Plan covers Grades 5-8. Each grade focuses on age appropriate issues and is led by a mix of faculty and outside speakers.

Grade 5 students will explore the topic of Digital Citizenship. The focus is on digital communication while using a respective device whether it be a smart phone or a computer. Teaching children how to communicate appropriately, to have respect for others, to be an “upstander”, to keep personal information private, and to think before posting, texting, or sharing are topics of discussion. The aim is to teach students how to best navigate communication through these types of devices.

Core Programs