RA|LP@Home Learning

RA|LP strives for continuous interaction and development of our programming, teaching and learning, and strategies that best support student learning. Our reimagined approach to remote learningParallel Remote Learning [PRL] builds upon the successes we have experienced over the last few years, while incorporating what we know to be developmentally appropriate for each division level and adapting our approach in response to the learnings we have had since launching our PRL programming.

We know that nothing will replace the authentic learning experiences our students have with each other in class. But, there are so many benefits of having students join their classes online for portions of the day, so they can continue to access their learning. The updated model for the RA|LP@Home program allows the school to advance a vision for the future of education. The program flexibly meets the needs of students and their families, while continuing to mirror the independence and self directed work structures that students access within our in person classrooms.

While we can never predict why a student might need to access RA|LP@Home programming, this flexible approach allows for continued learning when:
  • A student’s medical needs keep them at home for an extended period of time
  • Families need to relocate in the middle of the school year and would like to continue to access the learning and the RA|LP community
  • A family emergency arises and a student may need to miss a week or more of school
  • A student athlete needs to travel for competitive events or training that will take them away from school for a number of months
The current RA|LP@Home program aims to:
  • Ensure a robust educational experience for all learners
  • Reinforce equity of experience and access to learning
  • Create opportunities for social connections and accessing a range of experiences throughout the day
  • Continue to reinforce our students’ independence and agency for their learning

Ridgefield Academy and Landmark Preschools remain committed to furthering our approach and access to learning through our @Home programs, and we are excited to continue to enhance and build on our already unique approach to flexible learning. Our goal is that our @Home program continues to develop and evolve in a manner that strengthens the learning experience, considers the social and emotional needs of students, and sustains community connection and interactions.