Health & Wellness

Seeing the individual. Educating the student. As students embark on the academic journey from childhood into adolescence, support is provided by every adult in the RA/LP community - it is part of our institutional DNA.
RA provides a joyous and caring learning environment where every child is respected, heard and encouraged. The teachers are wonderful and responsive. The curriculum is tailored to each child's level and interest and along with academic excellence, much care and thought is given to a child's emotional and social development. Kindness and mindfulness are concepts that are introduced early and reinforced with multiple activities. It is a supportive community with lots of events and opportunities for parents to get involved.
~ Current RA Parent


Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is deliberately integrated into the curriculum and daily classroom routines. Students begin practicing self-care techniques at an early age, learning how to identify and manage their emotions and reduce anxiety.

Wellness Program
An intentionally designed workshop-based Wellness Program brings in educators who are experts in their field. Engaging presentations address topics relevant for each grade level in an age-appropriate way.
Individual Support
RA/LP families have access to a school counselor who provides student support and identifies the need for ongoing counseling, facilitates wellness programming, and collaborates with parents, faculty, and staff in meeting the educational and social-emotional needs of students. In the navigation of their academic journey, students are guided by faculty advisors, teachers, and Division Heads, especially in the middle school years.
Connected Community
We know that students learn at an optimal level when they feel emotionally safe. A connected community that celebrates individuality and cultivates kindness creates an environment in which students can be their authentic selves. Belonging to a supportive community that recognizes students’ individual strengths, passions, and talents builds confidence.

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