Technology Bridge

"We were equally excited to be a part of the project" (the building of The Bridge). "While Burns’ instructors routinely work with school districts in the area, their work is often limited to single topics and individual classes, rather than the large-scale project represented by Ridgefield Academy’s Bridge. To us it was a sort of utopic scenario and represented a lot of possibilities that we wish more schools had.”
Emily Keating, Director of Education, Jacob Burns Film Center
The Bridge, designed in collaboration with the Jacob Burns Film Center, opened in September of 2011. It was created to enhance learning by infusing the current curriculum with new and innovative technology. Built with the aid of generous donations by many supportive RA families, The Bridge inspires students and faculty to work collaboratively on classroom assignments in a more creative, open-ended way, allowing students to both learn and share a deeper understanding of their studies.
“From the beginning, our teachers truly embraced The Bridge as an opportunity to re-energize teaching and learning in ways that pushed everyone out of their comfort zone,” says Jim Heus.

Well appointed with iPads, iMacs and a Green Room, as well as leading-edge software including Photoshop, Flash Animation, Drag-On (stop-motion animation) and Final Cut Pro (for film), The Bridge is enriching the curriculum at all levels and engaging students by incorporating state-of-the-art technology into traditional projects and presentations.