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This fall, Grade 8 student Ari T. expressed his interest in all things camera and photography. He has since been attending after school athletic games and events, capturing photos that can be shared with the RA/LP community. We sat down with Ari to learn how he got interested in photography and what he enjoys most about taking photos.

Photo captured by Ari T. 

How did you get interested in photography?
I was interested in a camera my mom had from the early 2000s. At RA, I went to a photography clinic with [former technology teacher] Mr. Larsen. I learned about exposure, aperture, and lighting - like letting in a certain amount of light so the picture can be darkened to a point where only one thing is visible. I was really into cameras and got my first nice camera. I used that camera for a while and then I took a break. I realized I liked photography before, so I became involved again.
What are your favorite kinds of photos to take? What do you like to capture the most - items, people, expressions, etc?
Nature photos. I like to capture the serene beauty of our world. I’m interested in the environment because I want to preserve it for generations to come, so it’s not only humans who experience our world and its general beauty. My photos show our world at its current stage - it’s still beautiful, but we need to help preserve it.
What do you do as a volunteer photo contributor for Ridgefield Academy?
I’ve been able to take photos of athletics. I can use my camera on campus, and it’s something fun to do during games.
What is it like being behind the lens at Ridgefield Academy?
When you’re behind the lens, it’s just about capturing the photo itself. It’s about photography and preserving the moment. People don’t think about the photography behind it, like changing the aperture.

Ari attended and photographed several of RA's athletic games throughout the fall season.

What is your favorite part about taking photos?
Setting up photos as I’m taking them, capturing the moment, and changing the aperture.
Anything else you would like to share with us about your interest in cameras and photography?
I like to go to thrift stores to find older cameras and give them a new life - mostly point and shoot cameras.
Ari, we so appreciate your contributions and the insider student perspective you provide to the Ridgefield Academy/Landmark Preschool community.
You will see more of Ari’s photos in photo albums throughout the year, on our website, on social media, and in this year’s yearbook. We can’t wait to see more of what he captures!

Grade 8 students enjoying time spent outdoors, captured by Ari T.