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Beginning a new year in the library, RA/LP students have been taking tours and learning about "book care". How do we find our favorite authors, or books about certain subjects? How do we make sure our books stay in good condition when we take them out of the library? Some exciting things to look for in and from the library this year include: an author of the month on display, Grade 2 and 3 continuing with the lunch Book Club, and the Tournament of Books—in which our favorite books will go head-to-head! To start the new school year, Library Specialist Lindsay Fletcher has provided a book recommendation. Big, by New York Times bestselling and award winner creator Vashti Harrison, is a book that is brand new to the RA library and new to being published, having only been released in May. 




By Vashti Harrison, 

Ages 4-11


Big explores the power of words and how they can hurt and heal.  This book tells the story of a little girl who was told she was too big to be a dancer and the effects that had on her.  After expressing her feelings, she felt empowered to stand up for herself.  This would be a perfect book to teach children about how negative comments can affect others as well as how we should be using words carefully. Big is a story that teaches us that we all are different shapes and sizes which is what makes us special. Everyone will find meaning in the words and illustrations in Big.