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Grade 2 students recently performed the play “My Planet, Your Planet”, which brings awareness to Earth’s environmental challenges and informs us that we can all be agents of change. The show was put on several times over the course of the week, for the students’ Lower School classmates as well as for their families.
Preschool and Lower School music teacher Deb Penn said a play focused on the environment was chosen for many reasons—one being that it pairs well with an upcoming part of the Grade 2 curriculum. In the spring, students spend several weeks studying endangered species.

In RA's Kitchen lab, students handprinted their shirts for the play with paint.

"Some of the reasons animals are becoming endangered or extinct directly coincides with environmental factors, like pollution and climate change," Penn said. 
After the show, we took a moment to talk with a Grade 2 student, Annabella M., about her experience in the play. She shared that one of the most special and exciting parts was making the instrument props. 
“We brought recycled things from home and used them to make an instrument, and mine was a rainmaker,” she said.
The students also handprinted their own shirts with blue and green paint to resemble the colors of the Earth.
Annabella’s favorite part of the play was the song “Agents of Change”, which reminds all of us of our power and ability to work towards a better future. The song also invited the audience to get on their feet and participate in the show!
While taking part in the play, one of Annabella’s takeaways was not just that the Earth has challenges, but that it is our responsibility to be aware of the environment.
“The play was about helping out Earth. When we go outside and see trash, we should pick it up.”


View clips of the songs from My Planet, Your Planet below.