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Elaine Vickers

ISBN: 978-1534477346

48 pages


“I am thankful for a friend who waits for me at recess and a teacher who knows when I am trying my best.”

Thankful by Elaine Vickers is a beautiful book about giving thanks to the things we might take for granted on a daily basis. Every year, the main character makes a thankful chain when the first snow falls. On each chain, she writes down things she is thankful for such as color, pencils, the sun and parents who read her stories. The girl acknowledges that we need to be thankful for all things big and small. Eventually, her thankful chain surrounds her entire window and provides her joy and happiness. This book reminds us to be thankful for the simple things in life. The beautiful words and beautiful pictures make Thankful a must read for children of all ages this holiday season.