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Each month, a book is chosen to be shared with the RA/LP community and is reviewed by our librarian or a faculty/staff member. Selected by Jen Bollaro, October's Book of the Month is The Lion of Mars by Jennifer L. Holm.
The Lion of Mars
by Jennifer L. Holm
259 pages
ISBN: 978-0-593-12181-8
Ages: 8-12
What would it be like to live on Mars? Would it be like life on Earth? How would you get supplies? Would there be countries? Could you go back to Earth? Bell is an 11 year old boy who has grown-up on Mars. All he knows of Earth he learned from stories told by the adults and what he sees in digi-reels. Although there are other settlements on Mars, the Americans are strictly forbidden from having any contact with them. Until, an emergency strikes! The adults become ill with a mysterious virus and the children are left to care for them and run the settlement. Out of desperation, Bell and the children are forced to travel to another settlement for help. What they find is the last thing they would have expected.
Isolation, friendship and resiliency are some of the prominent themes in this wonderful science fiction story. The American settlement had been isolated due to an incident many years earlier. The children overcome their fears of people from the other countries ultimately becoming friends with members of the foreign settlements, thus realizing how lonely life had been. Bell and the children help the adults realize life is better when the world works together. Although it includes some complex themes, this book is entertaining for children and adults alike. The reader wants to turn the page in order to find out how the children got to Mars in the first place. Why are the Americans forbidden to ever have contact with the rest of the settlements? Many other questions arise and are answered as this scientifically based, fictional story comes to an end.