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Each month, RA/LP's librarian selects a Book of the Month to share with the school community. September's Book of the Month is
by Peter Reynolds.
The Dot
By Peter Reynolds
32 Pages
ISBN 0763619612
In honor of International Dot Day (September 15th), students have been reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds. In this book, a student named Vashti does not believe she can draw until her teacher invites her to make a mark and see where it takes her. Her teacher’s response to Vasti’s frustration is truly exemplary. The teacher simply asks Vasti to draw a dot. This leads to Vasti’s self-exploration and allows her to unlock her creativity. She soon drew dots of all sizes and colors. Vashti soon takes pride in her work and encourages others to do the same. This is a wonderful book that shows the impact of adults who strive to inspire children as well as the journey of artistic freedom.