Over the past weeks, my classmates have talked about sports communities and school communities, and even communities outside of school and sports, but what about the community inside of a community?

Every day when you arrive at school, the first thing you do in the morning is unpack your bags into your locker. You then proceed to walk into your classroom in the morning. That homeroom, advisory, class, or whatever you want to call it, is that community inside of our school community. For the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to be in Mrs. Dominicus’s advisory, and throughout these years I have learned that these small little communities are what makes the RA community so great. Inside of these advisories, you learn about each other, whether it's fun stories or just simply how our day was. You might argue with each other over some silly topic, but at the end of the day, you grow closer with one another.

Last Spring, one day before Spring Break, we learned that Ridgefield Academy would be shut down until further notice. Many thought we would be back by the end of April, but what we did not know was that our lives were about to be changed. We would not be in school for the rest of the year. Like any normal day, you would wake up in the morning, hop on your computer, and go to your advisory to start your day. Those first 10-15 minutes were always one of my highlights, especially because we could see what everyone's hair would look like when they first woke up. After those first few weeks passed, I think we all then realized how hard this journey would be. But, with that little advisory in the morning, it really boosted my morale for that day. We pushed through the rest of the school year, and now even though we are wearing our masks, we are finally able to see each other again.

Throughout my time at RA, I have been in a number of advisories throughout the years, I joined in preschool at Landmark, and it is really only now that I start to realize how grateful I am for being able to be in this community inside of a community. There are those little moments that you remember from these small communities, like in third grade when JJ was running around with a tack in his hand, or in fourth grade when I was able to meet a number of new students that were going to be my new advisory buddies. What I want from you all, especially because I am the last speech before Thanksgiving, I want you all to make sure you stay grateful for these little communities, and not take anything for granted. Like Mrs. Dominicus once said, and continues to say, “We are all in this together.”