Ridgefield Academy Students Learning Outside

Ridgefield Academy is home to a wide variety of beautiful, functional facilities and picturesque grounds. Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the campus is set on the grounds of the historic Lynch estate, and overlooks 50 miles of the Hudson River Valley. We welcome the use of our spaces by any individual, group, or business whose work or event is aligned with the educational and community-minded mission of the school.

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Our Facilities

Available Spaces Include:
  • Sports Fields (including multi-sport turf and baseball fields)
  • Gymnasium
  • Banquet Hall/Ballroom
  • Dining Halls
  • Tiered Lecture Hall w/ Stage
  • Outdoor Garden Spaces
  • Catering (under the direction of Chef Paul Desiano)
  • And many, many more!
Overlook of Ridgefield Academy Outdoor Facilities