At the beginning of my seventh grade year, I decided I would start putting myself out there and making friends with people I thought I would never make friends with. I started raising my hand in class and actively participating in group activities and discussions. I started thinking more for myself, and worrying less about what others might think about me or about what I was saying. I realized that I could answer the question even if I was not confident that what I was saying was right…I was my own person, with my own ideas. I was learning more and had developed a stronger academic voice.John C., Class of 2022
[Drawing] was a way I was able to actively live my life rather than being a spectator of someone else's life. Even though today I still have days where I fail to look after myself, I now understand the importance of surrounding myself with positive messages, physically taking care of my body and participating in activities that help me enjoy life.Alex R., Class of 2022
Practicing can help you develop your passions and make you more comfortable with situations that feel challenging. Even though perfection is ultimately unattainable, hard work and diligence will help you be the best you can be which is usually enough to succeed in life and be happy with your abilities. This method has made my time at RA much easier and has prepared me for the next chapter of my life.Aidan O., Class of 2022
In reality, there are so many things we can all do [ to help the environment], but in order for us to do them, it helps to break them down into small, easily manageable steps. So, with that said, let’s all take things one at a time, doing something every day, but only what we can, and watch in wonder at how much change we can make in this world.Linnea S-G., Class of 2022
Going forward, as I move on to high school, I will always be aware that I need to seize an opportunity, learn by teaching others, and self advocate. I am in charge of my own destiny.Kai H., Class of 2021
While participating in cross country, I have learned the values of persistence, endurance, and hard work - to never give up, that what you put into it is what you get out of it, and that hard work is worth the result.Abigail S., Class of 2020
Thank you to my teachers who have put so much care into my education. It was through little moments like couch talks with Ms. Reid, conversations during class, and late night emails that I have realized how much my teachers have looked out for me. Although an email may sound unimportant, it is evidence that they have nurtured me along the way. Because of my teachers, I've pushed myself further and challenged myself inside and outside of the classroom. Jodie F., Class of 2020
In a world where change is constant, RA helped me recognize that when external forces, such as a pandemic, are beyond my control my response and reaction are well within my control. So as my time at RA comes to an end, I look back on the friends, memories and successes that I have had. I am confident leaving this school that I know what It means to be an agent of change and someone who can lead confidently.Sam Y., Class of 2021
As of today, our journey at Ridgefield Academy will have come to a close, we will have to learn to say goodbye not only to our peers, and the students in other grades but also to our best friends. But maybe the secret is not how we say goodbye to our lower and middle school journey, but how we say hello to our next adventure. High school will be a scary place, but I can confidently say with all RA has taught me, I am now ready to say hello.Erin S., Class of 2020
Whenever I didn't understand a topic that we learned about, I knew that I could always ask a teacher to help me. This showed me that I can lean on others to help me succeed and that there are always people to support me. I also learned this lesson through my friends who I have come to count on if I am struggling or feeling down. Whether it's my teachers, friends, or even family, I know there will always be someone there for me when I need them and that I can count on others to help me succeed. Chloe C., Class of 2021
I am choosing to accept the inevitable changes coming my way as I move into the future. In high school, I am sure there will be uncomfortable moments that push me to grow but I am confident they will open the door to the future.Henrik S-G, Class of 2020.
I finally close the book I have been creating since I visited RA in third grade, and open a new one as I move on to high school and beyond. But this book will be revisited time and time again, because it has been extremely influential in shaping who I am today.Aniseh S., Class of 2021
Because I have great friends who support each other, I feel more confident in myself. Alone, I may be too timid or insecure to introduce myself to new people or places, or too frightened to try something new or different. But when I’m talking, working, or playing alongside a friend, we suddenly see our energy and creativity blossom, enabling us to soar higher than we ever imagined.Will G., Class of 2020
Ridgefield Academy has changed me for the better. I now feel confident in so many areas, and I’m excited for what the future holds. I know that any challenge life throws my way I can handle, because I have developed the skills and confidence to move forward with conviction.Libby R., Class of 2020